During this period, they have been growing, and now they are almost the same size as Xingyanmin.

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But they don’t have the long image, which is like the Kirshman style of Xing Yan Min, but still look like a baby.
That is ….. the brain monster model.
Their personalities have not changed much since they changed into this shape.
Is still similar to the cub’s personality at that time.
The same is true for other creatures.
Like some ancient creatures, when they’ woke up’, they also became a form similar to Ershimin or pompoms …
Because many of these creatures are sleeping in incomplete form, most of their bodies are in incomplete state.
When they wake up, they become biological shapes close to Walsh or pompoms.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and twenty-nine Defenders
"Already … can’t go back to that time …"
"Already … can’t burn again …"
It still has a little … burning part.
The temperature of the star burner has gradually become lower and as cold as virtual.
It feels like it’s completely dead, so Lin can explore other structures at will.
Lin discovered an interesting thing during her exploration.
That is, it … Thinking.
Star burners seem to be in a state of’ sadness’ for a long time.
But this seems to have nothing to do with its eternal flame
But that its’ era’ is ov.
As Lin knows … Star Burners have been floating in the air and keeping all high-temperature creatures’ normal’ running.
These high-temperature creatures have lasted for a long time, but they have always had such a thing.
That’s their time … sooner or later.
How many of these creatures say that their populations will be extinct one after another for a while, without exception.
What is more amazing is that the higher the level of literacy, the more prosperous the creatures will be.
Many creatures also investigate this truth.
A few creatures have discovered the truth through constant investigation … It seems that they are all born from the same source.
They were born from the same place and finally dispersed into various creatures with rich forms.
And they also found that their life form will’ end’ at some time sooner or later from their source of birth.
Is the body … Extinction.
In order to resist this fate, many high-temperature creatures try to resist.
The main reason for their extinction seems to be that their body structure has some kind of conflict with the ever-changing virtual environment.
Their body structure will become less and less suitable for virtual environment, and it will be difficult to maintain their bodies.
In order to fight against this doomed fate, they try to change their life forms in various ways.
And there are some creatures that prevent them from changing this inevitable fate
That is, some creatures, including star burners, will find those high-temperature creatures that try to change their life forms and change them back to’ normal’ forms.
They have been doing this kind of thing for a long time and have been maintaining it successfully.
Therefore, they also have a title-‘terminal maintainer’
It is generally impossible for other high-temperature organisms to compete with them … These defenders are almost all’ final forms’
Many high-temperature organisms have a wonderful’ evolutionary’ ability, that is, they live for a certain period of time or do something … very special things will happen after’ evolution’.
This will cause them to become another form, a more’ advanced’ form.
And when they evolve into the final form, they will be much stronger than the original form.
In many articles, they regard the advanced form as the object of their group worship.
Because few creatures can’ evolve’, let alone evolve into the final sample.
There are only a few examples of the final form of some creatures in their history.
At least they don’t even know that this form is their own … So many theories were born.
However, some creatures have studied it deeply.
Especially those who found the origin of high-temperature organisms.
They found that … there are many creatures in the final form that maintain the arrival of the end.
What is it … They don’t know.
And these terminal maintainers, such as star burners, don’t have any complicated ideas
They just think that this last moment must come.
When they reach the final form, they will have a special emotion … which will make them feel that their life form must end.
This kind of emotion seems to have something to do with their’ evolution’. Once it becomes this form, they will become a kind of’ knowing’ state, and they will instantly know all the history of high-temperature organisms in the past, their life source, the future possibility and so on.
At this time, they will all have the same idea that all this is meaningless.
I really think that all this is tragic and so on.
They believe that all this must be ended … so every creature in the final form does so.
So did the star burner at first, but something special happened to it at this time.
At first, their maintenance way was to find some’ mutant’ high-temperature organisms, because these high-temperature organisms might escape the final moment because of mutation, and what they did was to eliminate these mutations.

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