Xingqi smiled at the shopkeeper when he said that the price was cheap and fair, so the clothes in this place must be much more expensive than in the city. But Xingqi’s so-called being rich now is not so bad.

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In the owner’s excited eyes, Xingqi chose several sets for himself and Ziyi. At this time, it is best to wear Tubel, whose fat figure is too asymmetrical. It took Xingqi Ziyi more than an hour to find three sets of robes that fit better, but the owner was very happy to accompany Tubel to choose clothes. You know, Xingqi’s three clothes are the best goods for the owner. It is very good to sell a few cows here a year. When Xingqi is so generous, he will need more than a dozen sets. Of course, the owner is willing to accompany him to buy them.
"All right, that’s it. How much do you want? There is a dressing room here. Let’s go and change clothes first." Xingqi Tubel and Ziyi entered the dressing room with a parcel on their backs.
A few minutes later, three young people with fresh clothes came out. Xing Qi chose five sets of blue brocade robes and purple clothes, and six sets of purple lace robes. Tubel was a black and yellow robe. Three new young shopkeepers had a delicate face and white and tender skin. It’s hard to believe that these three people are not noble shopkeepers.
"A total of 14 sets of clothes, 3472 gold coins, even if you give a few discounts today, it will be 34 gold coins." The shopkeeper looked at the three people with two eyes and said that all smiles were more sincere.
Star Singularity nodded. 34 gold coins are not very interested in this rich man, although it is a little more expensive than you think. Tubel purple clothes are also very satisfied with the concept of money.
"Here are 34 purple gold coins. By the way, ask the shopkeeper something. We just came out of Tiexialing. Why is this place so deserted? Is this the nearest city or which county?" Star wonder has his own doubts.
When the shopkeeper received the money, he heard Xingqi ask again, and his face was full of surprise. Here, he really didn’t know about the animal tide incident. The shopkeeper looked at the three people with surprise again. These three people came out of Tiexialing.
From other places, I entered the Iron Canyon, crossed the Iron Canyon, and I may stay here for several years. It is said that there are three faces, and people and animals must be masters of the king. This surprised the shopkeeper and made him tremble a little. However, I received more than 1,000 gold coins from these clothes.
The shopkeeper was a little afraid for years. The shopkeeper soon found out that the three young people were very indifferent to the gold coin. The shopkeeper calmed down and wiped his own strength. The shopkeeper made a bold move and extended his hand to Xingqi. This is the important information.
Xingqi also knowingly threw dozens of gold coins, and the shopkeeper showed irregular behavior to please Xingqi. He introduced the arrival of the beast tide and some empires had a far-reaching impact afterwards.
When Xingqi heard the shopkeeper say a few simple words, he finished talking about the arrival of the beast tide, but the waves seemed to rise. It seems that Tubel chased himself in those days and may have become a soul beast ration.
After the destruction of Qing Xiang Valley, dozens of people were lucky enough to leave Tiexia Ridge. Xingqi was happy and silent. After all, it was a place where he had lived for several years. There were still a few friends there. They may have died, too.
Taking a long breath, Xingqi once again listened to the shopkeeper introducing himself to another exit of the Iron Canyon. This Kamai town belongs to Yangchengyanchang County, which is separated from Liangjiang County by a Yuchang County, which is more than two thousand miles apart.
There are fifteen counties and more than ten cities in the Mosang Empire, and Yuchang County and Yanchang County Liangjiang County are all three counties around Tiexia Ridge. Most of the counties and cities of the Mosang Empire are fiefs, except for the royal family, which occupies seven counties, which were sealed to the founding fathers of that year.
At that time, it was also necessary for the new empire to stabilize the fate of the empire, so that all the active families were in charge of the imperial Yu county
As time goes by, the county monarchs have changed for generations, and some counties and cities have been treated by others. However, the county monarchs have become local local tyrants, and most of them have strong family support and some strong people have taken refuge. Now it has become the biggest problem of the empire.
And the imperial royal family has never tried to reclaim the power of each county. This is a monarchy. Yanchang County has a large pharmacist association, which is much larger than Liangjiang County, and it is necessary to find those big pharmacist associations for the certification of Dan teachers. Planet Wonder plans to go to Yanchang County first and pass the examination of Dan teachers before returning to Liangjiang County.
Xingqi, Tubel, and Ziyi left the store brightly. They haven’t eaten snacks for a long time. Xingqi decided to take Tubel Ziyi to taste the delicious food.
After Xingqi left, the middle-aged shopkeeper came to the counter and pulled a rope from the counter. Soon, a masked man wrapped in the dark came in from the back door of the store with a butterfly sign on his chest. It turned out that this clothing store was also a well-known intelligence organization in Yanchang County.
"What can I do for you?" The black dress person asked in a short and plain tone, without any respect for the owner and the person in charge of this place.
"Just now, three young people suggested that the organization had better not provoke. Although the three are definitely fat sheep, the organization can’t afford to provoke." The shopkeeper was not angry with the tone of the men in black. He was able to organize himself to get his current position. Is it his own insight, wisdom, the world’s weight or strength? This makes the shopkeeper very Yuan Nai. It is good for these powerful fighters to listen to themselves, and there is no luxury to respect themselves.
"I know. Is there anything else?" Black dress person angry language a little tired replied
The shopkeeper still didn’t look back. The black dress person shook his head and listened to the sound of the black dress person leaving.
After the men in black left, the shopkeeper’s face recovered. When the comedian left, he threw the snow silk yellow robe at himself. Although it was broken, the snow silk was worth thousands of gold coins, which was a great fortune.
In the welcoming shop, three nobles, Xingqi, and Tubel arrived at the only hotel in Kamai Town. The two-story attic was quite rough, and four pairs of floors were asymmetrical. Xingqi smelled the smell of rice in the distance, which made him come to the hotel happily.
Tubel heard that the boss took himself to get something to eat, but it was even more farting, followed by purple clothes and novelty eyes looking at human settlements, which was as good as the boss said.
Stellar took the lead and walked to Ya on the second floor. Tu Bell had long been told by Stellar to go straight to the counter and cried, "Delicious, hurry up". The rough crazy voice spit out from Tu Bell’s fat and made the whole first floor quiet. Tu Bell dumped his head and walked to the building with Purple Clothes, leaving everyone behind him to look.
【 Chapter ninety-one Eagle mercenary group 】
Xingqi three people have no intention of the changes on the first floor and go to the second floor. Sometimes people just have to be arrogant to treat you with special respect.
There are five tables of diners on the first floor, and three tables are all just returned from Tiexialing. At the table next to mercenaries, five young boys and girls are sitting, and three men are all marked with three sword stars. The sign of the sword star on the chest of two beautiful girls shows that it is the head teacher of two stars.
Younger girls are very unhappy about the arrogance of the three stars. "What happened to Xiaoru? Let’s eat quickly. We are going back to school. This completion is very smooth. After eating more, we will be on our way. There will be no delicious food along the way." Older girls patted Xiaoru on the shoulder and several teenagers were interrupted by Xingqi to eat and drink again.
Another table is a white-haired old man and a blue middle-aged man. A teenager is eating a meal. The white-haired old man has a look at the corridor on the second floor of Xingqi.
Although the mercenaries were surprised at Tubel’s loud voice, they ignored the powerful people when they saw that they were so arrogant. Of course, the powerful bodyguards might be arrogant in the vicinity.
On the second floor, Yatubeier, Ziyi and Xingqi sat around the signature dish of Xiaoerdao Hotel. When there were three people in the back room, Xingqicai nodded and started to eat. First, he taught Tubeier purple clothes chopsticks.
Two hours later, Xiao Er’s face was full of Han River, and he was listening to Ya’s eating and drinking. Xiao Er was really happy and worried, afraid and happy. Three people inside ordered more than ten specialty dishes in his restaurant twice, which was a big deal, but he got dividends.
I’m worried about whether those three people have the ability to pay the bill, but that’s thousands of gold coins. These dishes can usually sell one or two in the store. If they can’t pay the bill, they will be implicated themselves. But Xiao Er sees that three people are dressed and relaxed, and three are nobles. Even if they have no money, they can find their families to go.
Xingqi hasn’t tasted delicious food for many years, of course, and his appetite has increased a lot. There are also two purple clothes and Tubel who have eaten such delicious food for the first time. These two people are really two beasts. Of course, Tubel can’t measure people’s bellies. He asked Xingqi to add more bowls, but the three of them were still not full. After eating the purple clothes, Tubel now lives more with Xingqi.
Cheep! The elegant door finally opened, and Xiao Er hurried in and looked at the table. More than 20 dishes rolled over his face like a storm, and he laughed and said to Tubel, "This gentleman ordered 22 specialty dishes in the store, which is between three people. This time, Mr. Xiao Er paid more than 1,100 gold coins in total according to the customer’s purpose." Xiao Er stared at Tubel.
Tubel burst into flames when he heard Xiao Er calling Mr. Xiong, but he couldn’t get used to being called Mr. Xiong when he thought that the boss could stare at Xiao Er Xiong with his eyes suddenly and violently. Tubel forgot that he was a human being now.
"I have no money," Tubel roared to Xiaoer again. Xiaoer was frightened when he saw that the fat face was wrong. He heard Tubel say that he had no money again. It was like a stone holding down his breathing and he was really guessed by himself. He had no money and ordered so many dishes. He was dead.
When Xiao Er was about to faint, he slammed a hard tie bag and smashed Xiao Er. Xiao Er suddenly woke up and touched his own things. Xiao Er felt very confident when he touched the gold coins. He quickly got up and found that several thugs in the restaurant had rushed to the second floor. This was moved by Tubel’s call and surrounded the three people who ate the overlord meal.
"Count it," said Xing Qi, looking up. Xiao Er threw a bag in his hand and made a few thugs look back quickly.
Nodded to the three stars, "Wait a minute. I apologize to the three guests just now. There are 13 more gold coins in it." Xiao Er stopped the three stars who wanted to go.
Well, Xingqi suddenly felt a little impressed with Xiaoer. He even knew that he had put 113 gold coins, which made Xingqi feel very good. "It’s for you." He left with a full face of excitement. Xiaoer Xingqi, three people and the diners on the first floor were surprised and left.
It’s only noon, the sun is not high, and the surrounding scenery is in a depression. Xingqi wants to go home quickly and see his mother. The pace has accelerated a lot. Carl, who was born and left home and was also a housekeeper in Qing Xiang Valley, sent himself to Xingqi, who didn’t know the geography of the mainland, and Tubel Ziyi left the forest for the first time and didn’t know the route. Xingqi thought that the three of him needed a tour guide, and he simply sent a mercenary to escort himself instead of working hard to eat, live and live.
Mercenary guild, the largest building in Kamai town, is located in the reconstruction town. There are more than 200 square houses with several teams of mercenaries waiting to be released by the employers.
Since the beast tide, many colleges have arranged for students who are coming to graduate or upgrade. Many of them have gone to Tiexialing to catch some soul beasts or get some soul nuclei. Many mercenaries have gathered around Tiexialing and been hired by those students as guides.
There are also teams of their own to find wealth in Tiexialing. You know, even the king-level masters will drown the beast tide. There may be relics of the king-level masters in it, but they will make a fortune.
Soon after the beginning, many mercenaries got the wealth from those adventures in Tiexia Ridge, which stimulated many mercenary adventurers to come, which is also the reason why Kamai town was abandoned and rebuilt.
Star strange soil bell, purple clothes walked into this noisy mercenary guild. The mercenary guild house was divided into two pieces, and a large piece was filled with tables and chairs. Many mercenary leaders and adventurers drank and talked about it, and kept observing the surrounding tables in a fan shape. The fan shape is a broad platform for those mercenaries who have disputes to solve problems.
The other small piece is to release and claim the counter. Three young people with strange faces in jinyi came in to silence many original noisy mercenaries. It is possible to judge from their costumes that these three people have come to release the mercenary squads. The outposts have all come near the counter to inquire about the release of Xingqi three people and try to pick it up at the first time. However, most mercenary squads have not moved and may have answered it.
"hello! Excuse me, what do you want to publish? "A beautiful girl greeted Xingqi three people, and her professionalism made her face smile with a hint of sweetness. At first, the waitress felt that Xingqi purple clothes were so handsome and Tubel’s fat face could be classified as cute.

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