Chen Yuanyuan’s eyes are going round and round like grapes

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"Brother Zhuang scared me" took several breaths before he finished expressing his meaning.
Chen gave Lu Shunyi her hair just because she ran too fast. Now she really regards Yuanyuan as her granddaughter.
Chen walked over and touched her head. "Good grandma said he wouldn’t dare after he went to him."
Chen Yuanyuan was already very happy when he heard this. He stretched out his little hand and touched himself. He thought for a while and waved his hand quickly.
"No, no, no, hit him." He also burped and then quickly covered his mouth and snickered.
Chen ha ha ha laugh. Yuanyuan is a sweet little girl, which is to come over and teach him a lesson?
However, she also shouted at the courtyard twice, "Are you scaring your sister again?"
Chen Chengzhuang is digging a small pit at the door with his ass pants. He hears grandma’s voice but refuses to look up. Grandma will definitely talk about him again.
Chen also saw Chen Chengzhuang, but he didn’t blink at Chen Yuanyuan like that.
Chen Yuanyuan’s eyes have been reached and he is satisfied.
In the spring of 1977, it was almost the third month of the lunar calendar.
Chen Yougong will follow the county cart and go out to buy wood. This trip will not only enrich your knowledge, but also learn new skills.
Craftsmen can’t sit and eat mountains every day. They always want to learn more. Going to Shanghai is the boss in wood processing. There are many hand-carved crafts that are very colorful and the price is high. The Canton Fair has been sold to foreigners.
Chen got up at 2: 00 or 5: 00 on the first day of March. Yesterday, he told his third daughter-in-law that he would get up today and bake him some cakes and boil some eggs. Nothing delicious can be found at home. This is the best.
Yao Shangqing also dressed Chen Yougong didn’t idle up to chop some firewood in the yard.
Chen Yuanyuan came to sleep in Yao Shangqing’s arms, which will also be awakened.
"Where is the Empress going?" Although I talked, I was still very confused. Rub your eyes with your hands.
Yao Shangqing patted her gently without saying anything and put people to sleep again.
Chen Yuanyuan was sleeping very uneasily in his dream. Dad sat in a four-wheeled cart and was suddenly hit by one.
Chen Yuanyuan’s father bravely flew to Yuanyuan and always followed him. Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel at 16: 9: 39 ~ 15: 46: 44 on 22-1-12 ~
Thanks to the little angel mobile civil affairs bureau for throwing mines;
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution angel Luoning 1 bottle;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 23 Crash into V Announcement
She woke up with a fright in her dream, but the clap was too comfortable and she fell asleep again.
By the time Chen Guren got up, Chen Yougong had already left.
Chen Yuanyuan watched the eldest brother feed the chickens outside the chicken coop.
When Chen saw it, he ran to her. She was afraid. What does this little darling want? After observing for a while, she found that there was nothing unusual, so she was relieved.
After breakfast, the Chen family should work and learn.
The village is busy. The Chen family just started talking while working.
"I heard how big it is to go out by cart?"
"Yes, yes, tell us all about it when the third child comes back."
Chen smiled from ear to ear, but he was so happy that he promised to come one by one. Looking across, he smiled more.
The work in the field is planned by Yuechuan, and everyone has their own area to talk about, so as not to delay their work.
Wang Fen saw a circle of people around Chen from afar. Chen Yougong was able to go to other provinces and grind his teeth.
When she got to work at noon, she stormed home.
"Mom, what are you doing? Are you angry?" Zhao Fangsong washes diapers for children at home. When he has a son, he is no longer afraid that others will look down on him when he goes out.
Wang Fen suddenly had an idea in his heart.
"Fang Song, are you still going to learn carpentry?"
Zhao Fang let go of the diaper and shook it. "What do you think of it? It’s a shame that I won’t learn that. I can’t hold on." He didn’t hold on that year, let alone how old he is now.
Wang Fen is willing to think about Chen’s popularity and insist on it regardless of him.
Yu Lili came out of the house with her baby in her arms and heard her mother-in-law’s words. If only she had married Chen Laosan, the day would have been at least twice as good as this.
"My mother said to you to learn."
Zhao Fangsong looked at his mother and daughter-in-law. There was nothing he could do. Since he was asked to learn, he couldn’t learn. You can’t blame him.
Wang Fen looked at the son and agreed, but he was happy. He didn’t rest after lunch, so he took the afternoon off and went to town directly.
Her son is better at learning. Let her eldest daughter ask if there is any way.
Zhao is also willing to subsidize her mother’s family. When she heard that it was this matter, she immediately promised to ask herself.
Zhao Dujuan is Wang Fen’s eldest daughter, especially filial. When I was a child, I hated myself for not being a boy, which made her mother suffer a lot from grandma’s dirty eyes. When she grew up, her mother gave her a marriage. Although the man is lame now, he is eating food in business.
At home, just after lunch, she was packing.
"Oh, my God, why are you here at home?" Zhao Dujuan quickly welcomed Wang Fenying in.
Ding Dachun is Zhao Dujuan’s eldest daughter. The back room woke up as soon as she heard that grandma came. Every time grandma came, there was nothing good. After grandma left, parents would quarrel and grandma didn’t like herself.
Wang Fen came over in a hurry and sat on the living room bench. "I’m exhausted. Give me water quickly."
Zhao Dujuan is busy pouring water again.
After Wang Fen finished drinking, she smelled a smell in the room. "What do you eat at noon?"
"Fried bacon was cooked last year, so I was fired." Zhao Dujuan said it truthfully.
"You’ve had a good day. Your brother came home to suffer hardships. I married you to Zhucheng. You have to remember that your family name is Zhao and Ding Gu is not a family with them." Wang Fen grasped everything and educated her eldest daughter, but she couldn’t be separated from herself.

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