"I can tell you that it’s best not to be promoted to day order, and not to attack those who are promoted to rank 7. Rank 6 is the safest road."

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"Once we passed rank 7, we were regarded as having passed the test and screening. Then we were like an alternative lamb, and no one knew which day it would become a long table with a delicious hot dinner."
"If you don’t want to be like that, don’t try to be promoted to rank 6."
"Unless …"
"Unless there is a lamb in that rank who has come to the end and turned into waiting for dinner."
Although Tianyang is in the bar, although the temperature in Ares Castle is not cool, at this moment, he feels a chill rising from his back and straight into his brain.
Gawain’s hint is clear enough.
If you are promoted to rank 7, you will have the opportunity to be inspired to become the’ ultimate’
Gao Wen thinks that the’ ultimate’ is the poor lamb who has reached the end of sublimation and will be enjoyed at any time.
So it takes luck to be promoted to rank 7, and failure may be very unlucky. Some ranks will go backwards. This is a test for sublimators to screen sublimators, just like human beings always pick and slaughter those fat poultry that have been raised for nothing!
Everyone who is promoted to rank 7 and sublimated may have a’ dinner’. Unless the ultimate person has appeared in their rank, everyone is in danger.
At present, the rank of the’ ultimate’ is the first ultimate of the elemental heart and hunters. The Silver City has fallen, so the rank of the levy is also dangerous.
We have to warn Moonlight and her father not to be promoted to day order, and not to be promoted to another level …
Guru Guru
Gawain has finished his drink and looks like he is going to leave.
Tianyang didn’t know if he could catch the opportunity again and asked softly, "Mr. Gawain, do you know the difference between an angel and a god?"
Gao Tattoo shook gently and looked back at Tianyang Road. "You know many secrets, but I have to warn you that this is not a good thing. The more you know …"
He stopped suddenly and then said quickly, "Angels are servants of the gods and followers of the gods. They usually hold one kind of quality, while the gods hold many kinds of the weakest ones and the gods hold three kinds of quality."
After that, Gawain stopped staggering and walked to the gate like an alcoholic and disappeared into the crowd outside.
Angels hold a quality.
God holds many kinds of the weakest, and God holds three kinds of’ qualities’ at least.
Most of those ancient wills hold a quality like Papman and Shaman, so they turned out to be’ angels’.
As far as I know, the dream god in the star capital holds two qualities: nightmare and dream. If there is no accident, he should still hold one less quality, which should be the star capital.
So he is a god to be ashamed of.
So that he can attract creatures from different worlds into the star capital.
Angels parasitize human skins to complete the dimensional leap, but they don’t change themselves to adapt to its cosmic rules, so the skins will be damaged and need to be replaced.
If those ancient wills in the tomb in the reverse world are’ angels’, where did God go?
Tianyang knocked on the bar. "Give me another bitter lemon juice."
New drinks will come soon.
Tianyang took a sip of iced drink.
Dad said that he had found a sarcophagus in the deepest part of the grave, which was the tomb of the’ God Eater’ Sadiga.
Shaman also said that Shadiga is a pillar of the three pillars, claiming that it must be a god and the apex of the trinity.
Most of its gods should fall, just like the gods, leaving the gods …
They may have found the right way to promote the migration of the sublimated people.
The ultimate is that they prepare’ skins’!
Therefore, the high literary talent awakens Adi. Don’t rely too much on the attitude of the ultimate. Don’t frequently enlighten him, because every time he makes it, the pace of God’s recovery will go further.
So that’s it …
So that’s it!
Tianyang smiled bitterly. He felt that he should not guess wrong, but what if he guessed right? There are already two’ ultimate people’ in this world. God knows how long Gawain and Adi can last.
Anyway, it seems that there is not much time for Gawain to persist. Once the’ brilliant man’ wakes up and recovers completely, it is impossible to predict what he will do.
"Have to do something …"
"It needs to be loud enough to change the world."
Tianyang drank a drink. "Obviously, the sound of the Lord of Lieyang Castle is not enough, and so is the Saint Silver Knight of Dadong University …"
Suddenly he stopped.
"Gold court …"
"Only a member of the golden court can be loud enough to attract people’s attention."
Tianyang gave a wry smile again. "But it’s not that easy to be a member of the parliament, even if I’m already day order …"
"If you can take it one step at a time, ask the Lord of Huohanshan to find out that he is a member of the Golden Chamber. Members should know what it takes to become members."
With the idea, Yang felt a little relaxed the day after tomorrow. He left the bar and was going to return to the manor to connect with the moonlight first.
After a farewell to the Deep Sea Castle, Moonlight listened to his suggestion and went to the Sky Castle to try to join the’ White Ivory Tower’. He didn’t come to Lieyang Castle with him.
Even sending a message will probably delay for a few days. I hope she hasn’t been promoted yet
Tianyang thinks about another heavier problem.
He is already day order.
Moreover, the rank of "Avengers" has just been born for a long time, and I am afraid that even if there is another "Avengers" awakening, it will not reach rank 7 so soon.
In other words, he is likely to receive the food that has been "inspired" into the table of the gods.

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