Looking at Mo Tian evil, blood spirit people kept bickering like two children, holding up _ silk and slowly following behind them.

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I don’t know if Daisy is afraid of those horrible skeletons in this cave or that Zong Ming will dash into the wall of a secret passage carelessly. Her hands cling to Zong Ming’s waist. She smells that Zong Ming is masculine and mature, and her face is a bit charming and drunk. She buried her head in Zong Ming’s arm and stuck it to Zong Ming’s body.
I feel that Daisy’s chubby breasts are soft and the ground temperature is soft. Zong Ming can’t help but feel a sense of spirit. There is no denying that Zong Ming still:: It’s the first time I met a round, soft "breast" room. It can be said that Daisy’s "breast" room is perfect and flawed. Fortunately, Zong Ming can control his brother with his mind, otherwise I am afraid that I will make a fool of myself at the moment.
Tight arms and strong strength hug Daisy closer to herself, and they will soon become a conjoined person.
As soon as Mo Tianxie and Blood Spirit entered the secret passage, they earned more money than anyone else. They all searched for the knowledge of the gods ahead, and no one ever searched for the knowledge of the gods behind. They didn’t know that they were followed by Samilas and Ashikaga Justice _ If Mo Tianxie and Blood Spirit were the pioneers, there would be no knowledge, but they followed them and didn’t notice that there were two people behind them.
The toilet mirror saw Daisy fly like an object, and Ashikaga and Samiras looked at each other in disbelief.
Woke up in surprise and asked about the law of justice.
Foot force just law blankly shook his head, "no, I’ve never heard of what’s going on here.
"It’s hard for her to keep it from the outside _"
"I, her family:: A generation of explorers have encountered many miraculous things. Her family knows that it is dark to marry. Secretly speaking, it should be strange that she has a flying instrument. It is really good that she hides her kung fu.
"Well, I didn’t expect this little girl to hide it from me. We have to make magic to catch up with this toilet mirror. Although I know her movements, I can’t guide the way. It’s a perfect thing in the world _!" Samuras sighed and said nothing to Ashikaga, but he waved his cane and chanted about his body, and his robe and clothes swung. He was ghostly and faint, and he chased Daisy. He flew in the secret passage like a witch in that cartoon, but it was a pity that he was a man without a broom.
Ashikaga just looked at Sammis figure fell a cold smile "hum! You dare to look down on me if you rely on your profound mana. Don’t be so good. See how I can deal with you.
Ashikaga’s Law of Righteousness withdrew its viciousness. When I looked at the ring in my hand, my vanity mirror flashed with a contemptuous tone and said, "Who says it can’t guide the way, Samilas, I will show you that it is the most perfect magic weapon in the world!"
Ashikaga’s righteousness and law read a different bird spell from the previous one. After reading the dressing mirror, it miraculously flew from his hand. The center of the dressing mirror shone around with a golden dazzling light, and the secret passage was bright, as if the dark clouds covered the sea in the dark night and suddenly a lamp lit up.
The spell is shining again, and the mirror image is floating towards the depths of the secret passage like life, followed by Ashikaga’s righteousness with a smile.
After searching for several kilometers in the secret passage, nothing unusual was found, even the secret door was not found, and skulls could be seen everywhere. I didn’t know these skulls and didn’t know what happened in this secret passage before, but what is certain is that this secret passage force didn’t fight a trace.
Mo Tianxie, who has always been slightly ahead of the blood spirit, suddenly stopped and fell on the secret road. Mo Tianxie looked at the Trinity fork and didn’t know which one to examine.
Blood spirit is always behind Mo Tian evil and sulks. At this time, when I see three forks, my heart is sulking and immediately sweeps away _ Blood spirit beside Mo Tian evil laughs _ Haha! It seems that I have done a lot of good deeds! God helped me.
"Bah! You’re shameless, and you’ve done a lot of good deeds, and you don’t want to think about how many people you killed and how many souls you took. God is really scared.
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The second part The first volume Chapter 9 Mysterious secret passages
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Hey, hey, you two stop arguing. I always feel a little weird ahead! "Zong Ming Yi stack Kafu Yi wood fluorene heavy too _ just a fork.
Blood spirit and Mo Tianxiao saw the boss hug the blonde tightly and couldn’t wait to hug her. They wanted to abuse the boss, but when they saw Zong Ming’s heavy face, they stopped their thoughts.
Although it is comfortable and exciting to hold Daisy in your arms, Zong Ming is still calm and relaxed in her arms, although she is a little reluctant to let go of each other.
Zong Ming released the knowledge of gods and went far away from the secret passage to detain three forks. Too many scenes were displayed in his mind _ but Zong Ming didn’t realize that there were almost no scenes in the secret passage and all the way in except the skulls on the ground.
Zong Ming strengthened his spirit, explored the gods farther and farther, but the secret passages were all just the same until Zong Ming’s ability reached: the three secret passages were always a scene and seemed to have no end.
Zong Ming was surprised. He didn’t expect ii divination to be sensed from the ball to the earth, but he found the end of this secret passage. Is this secret passage longer than the diameter of the earth? The diameter of the earth is still long, which is impossible. There must be a ghost in it.
Staring for a moment, Zong Ming reached out and gathered a mass of energy. A supernatural spirit blasted at the wall of the secret passage. A burst of ground shaking seemed to have happened. A strong shaking on the ground of the secret passage almost collapsed the secret passage, but it did not fall. A pit with a diameter of three meters appeared where Zong Ming attacked it.
"Eldest brother, what are you doing? You let us bury them alive! What blood spirit to ZongMing a strange call.
Mo Tian evil is also big:: I don’t understand and Daisy is even more surprised. Although she is an explorer, she is no longer too surprised by Zong Ming’s actions, but she is still scared and trembling. You know, she is normal. She is really afraid that Zong Ming has destroyed the secret passage and can’t find anything, but she will definitely die if she is buried alive.
Zong Ming is very surprised that there will be a "fan" in front of Bu. If you want to blow yourself, you should be able to see the mystery, but you don’t have this real fact in front of you, but you obviously feel that something is wrong.
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter? Heaven evil see that something is wrong with the case and ask.
"Old four, I have explored the three secret passages and found a strange problem. Zong Ming is heterodox to Mo Tian.
Mo Tian Xie was just about to ask the blood spirit who found the problem first and eagerly asked, "Boss, tell me if you found the problem and found the trail of the dark evocation."
Zong Ming smiled a little at the blood spirit. "I didn’t find the trail of dark evocation, but I found a difficult problem. The scenes in the first three secret passages and the scenes we came all the way to divination were not the mystery of this secret passage. I explored the secret passage to the end.
"Boss, right!" Zong Ming said that his gods knew how to explore the end of the secret passage. Mo Tian evil and blood spirit looked too unbelievable. Zong Ming _ They were very clear about his boss’s powerful ability. Even the boss’s gods knew how to explore the end of the secret passage, wasn’t it? ? ? ?
"No, if I can get the result, that’s it. I was just tested by the Law Institute as far as I’m concerned. The result is that it’s too physical in front of us, but I’m sure there are ghosts in it.
"No, this earth and even your mana have cracked the law, and the spirit of learning has once again burst out full of disbelief.
"It’s so weird _ _ cong I kung fu _ cases of ghost words never put off till tomorrow what you can closed your eyes fists tight tiger arm into ten degrees.
Daisy stared at Zongzong, and suddenly she felt a strong energy rushing around Zongming to detain her. She felt the atmosphere around her became heavy, but she didn’t feel comfortable or nervous.
Looking at Zong Ming as motionless as a statue, Daisy suddenly felt that Zong Ming gave herself a great feeling. She felt that Zong Ming was the enemy at this time and there was no power to defeat him. Straight Daisy was an explorer and finished her family mission. She put all her heart and soul into looking for the symbol of life and death. Daisy never talked about her boyfriend. Suddenly she wanted to be a Zong Ming woman and dedicated her body and heart to Zong Ming forever.
For a long time, Zong Ming Zhang eased his bright eyes and lowered his arms. Zong Ming fell a smiling face at Daisy. Zong Ming looked at Daisy with his eyes, and immediately announced that the arrow was in the middle. She climbed her jiao and always put Daisy down as shyly as a girl.
Seeing Daisy’s performance, Zong Ming has a word "play" in his heart!
"Eldest brother, how did you find a solution? _ Blood spirit would have been anxious to see Zongming open his eyes and urged him to get up.
"Well, there’s an eyebrow _ _ and there’s a small corner behind it." Color "first solved Zongming and answered with a smile.
I heard the boss say that there are two small horns "color" behind me, and I immediately felt Samilas and Zuli’s righteous law in _ _

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